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Federico Calabrese (Naples 1972).

Professor at Postgraduate Course in Architectural Restoration of The School of Architecture of La Salle (ETSALS), Porfessor at Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Professor at Faculty of Architecture of Federal University of Bahia (FAUFBA) Salvador de Bahia, Brazil (2017-2023)

PhD in Architecture and Urbanism  (2018), Master’s degree in Restoration and Preservation of Monuments (2012) at Faculty of Architecture of Federal University of Bahia (FAUFBA).

Councillor of Council of Architecture and Urbansims of Brazil - CAU/BA (departement of Bahia) 2018-2020.

Won in 2000 with PCa int, Verderosa e Archidiacono the restricted competition for a New Public Library in Pisotia. 

In 2001 moves to Barcelona, colaborating with SAAS associats and then with AVA arquitectes, at the same time start a intensive partecipation in architecture competition. Founded in 2007 with Alessandra Faraone and Marc Tomas Fondarius architecture based in Barcelona. In 2008 the Montjuic project recived Honor mention for the Medaglia d’Oro all‘Architettura Italiana at Triennale in Milano, partecipated in expo 27/37 in Shanghai for Expo 2010.

Architects Association Napoles n. 7126. Graduated at Universita’ di Napoli Federico II in 1998.

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