Please stop calling me out on my acne

womanhidingfaceAcne is a condition that is mostly related to adolescence and teens. So, as a grown adult who is well into his 20s, I couldn’t care less about acne. Barring a few zits here and there, I never had a particularly acne-prone skin either. So acne was nowhere near my ‘things to worry about’ list. Well, all that changed about 4 years back.

One morning I woke up with a few zits on my forehead. Not a big deal, I thought, covered it right up with makeup and went about my day. When I got back and removed the makeup, things started getting worse. The next morning the zits multiplied and soon enough I have full blown acne all over my face. This came as a shock to me and I was completely rattled. It was nothing short of a nightmare and that too, of the worst kind. I tried everything and had almost lost all hope when I came across, which finally guided me to understand my skin. My skin started to clear up and I got my confidence back.

If my story strikes a cord with you, trust me, you are not alone. There are millions of people suffering from adult acne who think that it’s a lost cause and there is no hope. As someone who suffered from acne, there are three things that troubled me the most.

1. The prying questions

As if it was not enough that I had my face covered with these disgusting zits, I had to face some of the cruelest questions about them. I don’t know whether people are just dumb or they are insensitive, but they can surely ask some mean questions. I remember how painful it was to listen to “ hey, why do you have so many pimples on your face?” or “why don’t you try something about your acne?” as if I need someone to tell me about it. Then there were suggestions from my “friends”, “wash your face”, “stop eating fried food” and many more. Somehow people seem to think that I have acne because there is something wrong with me and if I want I can get rid of them. If only it was that simple.

2. The red face

As if it’s not enough to have these disgusting zits, you end up with a red face that could put Rudolph to shame. I mean I am okay with an occasional pimple or two, but when they came at me, they came with an army. I had zits all over and the worst part was that they made me look like a red-faced monkey. I tell you, it was disgusting. When everyone is basking in the glow of their radiant skin, there I used to be, sitting red-faced, it was crushing. I thought that my face was like a red sign that warned people to not to come near me. I would find the darkest corner of the room and sit there hoping not to be seen at all.

3. The one pimple freak outs

I was really having a tough time with my breakouts when I would hear some girl with a single zit freak out saying “ OMG, it’s a disaster, I am breaking out!” spare me, sister. I get so annoyed by people like these who have one lousy zit on their otherwise perfect skin and they cry bloody murder. Enough with the dramatics already. They know nothing about what a breakout is. Ask me how it feels to have breakouts. At least don’t do it in front of someone like me who clearly has a problem. All you have is a pimple that is going to go away in a few days and you will be back with that beautiful skin. Don’t get me wrong, I am not envious but it hurts when someone makes a mountain out of a molehill when I am sitting there with a freakin’ mount Everest!

All I would say is that be thankful that you have such a great skin and don’t have to go through hell. Be sensitive and understanding of others who are going through this tough phase in their lives. We don’t need to be reminded that we have zits or how we can make them go away. Just let us be. If you want to help, look at the person behind the face into the person.

For all, you beautiful guys and gals like me who are battling with acne, don’t let go of the hope. There are treatments that will work and your skin will clear up, you just have to find the right routine for you. That starts with understanding what’s causing your acne, so it will probably take time. But just stay positive and be yourself.

~ Federica